Peer Review Guidelines

All manuscripts submitted to Mini-Invasive Surgery undergo single-blind peer review (the author's name is disclosed to the reviewer, but the reviewer’s name is not disclosed to the author). The reviewers invite scientists, researchers, and scholars who are qualified in the field of endoscopy and other minimally invasive procedures and interested in serving as volunteer peer reviewers.

Before starting

1. Reviewers should disclose any potential conflict of interest to the editor. If a personal, academic, or economic conflict exists, reviewers should not participate in the peer review process.
2. If reviewers feel the manuscript is outside their area of expertise or they cannot devote the necessary time, they should let the editor know as soon as possible.
3. Inform the editor that you decline to review if the manuscript is very similar to one you have in preparation or under consideration for publication.
4. Decline to review if you feel unable to provide a fair and unbiased report.

During review

1. Maintain strict and perpetual confidentiality about the manuscripts under their review.
2. Be objective while reviewing the manuscript.
3. If reviewers suspect plagiarism, fraud, or have concerns about ethical misconduct in the manuscript, please contact the editor.
4. A reviewer should notify the editor if something happens that would prevent them from submitting their review within the proposed or mutually agreed upon time frame.
5. Reviewers should not contact authors about the manuscript without permission from the editor.

Review reports

1. Give a brief summary about this manuscript.
2. Provide specific/clear comments and suggestions to authors, including the title, abstract, introduction, methods, statistical analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, references, English grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.
3. Avoid using offensive or inappropriate criticism.



If you recommend acceptance, please give details outlining your position. We ask that you also describe any areas that could be improved.


If you recommend major or minor revision, please list specific and clear changes/improvements you feel necessary so that authors can respond in a point-by-point fashion. You may also indicate to the editor whether or not you are willing to review the revised article.


If you recommend rejection or major revision, please provide constructive feedback so that the authors can improve the manuscript. Pay attention to the research instead of the author, and make a concerted effort to be polite and encouraging.

We greatly appreciate every reviewer’s contribution to the quality of the research we publish. If you are willing to join as a reviewer, please kindly e-mail your CV and the journal of interest to The respective journal team will respond to you at their earliest convenience.

All journals of OAE Publishing Inc. strictly follow the  COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.

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