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Cover Picture: Advanced heart failure (HF) prevalence is increasing and ranges between 1% and 10% of the overall HF population, due to the growing number of patients with HF and their better treatment and survival in the last 20 years. The best treatment for these patients is represented by heart transplantation, which, unfortunately, is only available for a minority of them. A significant portion of patients with advanced HF has concomitant severe mitral regurgitation, which acts as a driving force in inducing and maintaining this end-stage condition in a vicious cycle. Percutaneous mitral valve repair with MitraClip is a treatment option to stop this vicious cycle, providing safer outcomes and clinical benefits in some of these patients. Preliminary clinical observations show a possible selective role for percutaneous mitral valve treatment with MitraClip as a bridge to transplantation, candidacy or recovery. Further evidence will be necessary to confirm these preliminary data and support this new treatment framework of patients with advanced HF.
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